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Holiday’s/Events/(Even weekends lol) can be daunting to some people regarding their nutrition & fitness goals. However, this does not have to be the case. To keep this short & sweet, I want to give you some tips that work for me during these special times to help me stay on track.

***I made a video going over more in depth on my tips if you would rather watch that! And for further understanding, keep reading below! [Stick to the end of the video for some bloopers LOL]

# 1 The most beneficial thing that helps the most is having my meals or healthier alternatives prepared! I still enjoy MORE treats than usual because, well, it’s the holidays ??‍♀️ but I don’t make it the center of attention. I keep my eye on the long-term goal & indulge AFTER I have eaten my planned meals.

# 2 Stick to some of your everyday routine! Don’t go completely off track and give up all the things you do now. If you are someone who meals preps, then instead of not doing it at all, maybe plan the meals where you know you’ll be eating like normal at home, such as breakfast or snacks. Have a healthier food fore center where you can easily see and grab your counter or eye level in the fridge. Still wake up simultaneously, get your water in as soon as you wake, still get your exercise in.

# 3 Move your body!!! Get your exercise in! It’s okay to take a step back, go a little off track with your regular exercise plan, or not attend the gym as much. But whenever possible, let’s try to move our bodies as much as we can! Even if that is getting your steps in, parking further away when going somewhere, or simply suggesting doing extra tasks around the house to keep active!

# 4 WATER. Drink it. LOTS. Water is a hard one in general (from what I see through my work). Still, it is SO IMPORTANT, especially when drinking or eating unusual foods more. Fill up a water bottle and keep it with you! Aim for around 1 cup every 30 minutes or so.
EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Alongside getting your water intake in, another crucial tip is to eat your vegetables and fruit! It helps with vital functions inside of our bodies but also helps to keep us full, satiated, and less chance of us going nuts on those cookies at a gathering, lol. It would be best not to neglect these vital tips because it is the holidays.

# 5 DON’T STRESS! Please don’t feel guilty, do everything with intention and enjoy it all to the fullest. Suppose you were previously on a weight loss journey during the holidays. In that case, it will be better for you to focus more on ‘maintaining’ your current weight instead of losing it. By consuming potentially more alcohol, more salty, fatty, sugar-filled foods over the holidays, there will be more water retention and maybe feelings of ‘bloat.’
Tomorrow is a new day; carry on as you always do! Do things mindfully, with intention, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! If you have a few days where you go off-track even more than intended, then that is okay.

# 6 Last but not least, IT’S NOT AN ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH!
Just because you over-indulged during the holidays doesn’t mean you blew everything you worked hard to achieve over the last X amount of months! You most certainly should indulge here and there and enjoy it! Just because the weekend was a ‘write-off’ for your usual routine doesn’t mean the rest of the week has to be! What you do on a CONSISTENT day-to-day basis is far more critical than what you do on a few days over the holidays.

Okay, my lovelies! These things help me stay on track during the holidays, and I hope they can help you as well! Consistency is # 1 IMO. As long as you’re consistent year-round, double indulging over the holidays for a few days won’t hinder any progress. Enjoy yourself but keep to somewhat of a healthy routine. Cheers ?

Much love,

Your healthy Mentor Coach,

Lana ??