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QUESADILLA [Plant-Based]

LOVEEE these 🤤 Since I’ve came up with the recipe, I’ve been having it a couple times a week ever since! LOL

***Click the link below for a video of how it is made***



•2 Silver Hills Sprouted Tortilla 

•30g hummus 

•1 cup black beans

•1 tbsp nutritional yeast 

•Diced garlic & onion

•Spices of choice 

•Hot sauce

•Dairy-Free cheese (Optional)


•Place a pan on the stove on low-medium (3), add a teeny bit of oil (1tsp)

•Spread hummus on tortillas 

•Mash up bean of choice, place on 1 tortilla

•Diced onion and garlic and place on tortilla 

•Then add nutritional yeast, spices, hot sauce & cheese

•Add the other tortilla on top and place in the pan!

•Cook on both sides until golden brown

•Cut into four pieces & Enjoy!

Make some homemade guacamole & salsa as the dip. YUM! 


Of course you can add anything you want, any type of bean, you can opt out for no cheese, no hot sauce, just get creative and make it to your liking. Mexican food is my favourite so this one for me is a staple now! 

MACROS; 628 Cal | 89C | 16F | 29P | 18 Fibre !!